Signature Roof Tile Ltd, specializes in both sloped and flat roofing applications, residential and commercial.  Since incorporating in 1999, our team has been unmatched in our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on offering our clients trusted advice, highly trained installers, open communication and most importantly attention to detail!  We hold the highest standards in both safety training and staff education.  Let us show you how different we are….




Thank you for taking the first step with Signature Roof Tile Ltd, you are on the right track, first we need to narrow down which products are right for you.  Please choose one of the following:


Unicrete Products Ltd, closed its doors on July 31 2014, for Unicrete customers this can be a troubling dilemma.  Unicrete supplied concrete roofing tile since 1978 and has done approx 20,000 roofs over that time period.   Although Concrete tile Roofs are great roofs when installed properly, they do require maintenance and the occasional replacement of broken tiles.  What happens now that Unicrete is no longer manufacturing tile???

Don’t worry! Signature Roof Tile purchased all stock from Unicrete Products Ltd prior to them closing their doors.  We HAVE your concrete tiles, both lightweight and regular weight in all the different profiles and colours.  Repair your roof at a fraction of the cost it would to replace with a different material.  If you have hail damage or an insurance claim; don’t inflate your claim by having to replace your roof, let us save you or your insurance company thousands and keep your premiums as low as possible!