Residential Re-Roofing






The ultimate protection for your home

From premium concrete roof tiles to traditional laminate shingles, we will help you find the right roofing option to fit both your budget and your architectural design goals.

Concrete Tile

With a 50 year warranty, our premium quality concrete roof tile is the ultimate protection against heat, hail, wind, snow and rain. Available in 20 colours and three aesthetically pleasing architectural styles, concrete tiles combine beauty and strength. Benefit from the lowest life cycle cost and the durable, long lasting elegance of a concrete roof.

Lightweight Concrete Tile

Designed for re-roofing applications, our lightweight concrete tiles are ideal for older homes or new construction projects where weight is a factor. Typically, lightweight concrete tiles do not require truss upgrading, but all our estimates include a structural assessment and pricing for structural reinforcement, if necessary.

Traditional Laminate Shingles

Ideal for projects where budget is a concern, our traditional laminate shingles are installed with the same care and attention as our premium concrete roofing. We source of shingles from the top brand names, including IKO, Malarkey, BP and Owen & Corning.

Choosing the right roofing product

We recommend our customers consider their budget and future plans when considering roofing products. For example, concrete tile is more than traditional laminate shingle, but it offers a substantial cost savings on yearly maintenance and overall product longevity.

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Re-Roofing? Information you need before beginning.

One of the most common home maintenance expenses is replacing the roof. In Canada, the most common house roofing material is traditional laminate shingles, and the most common executive home roofing material is wooden shakes.

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